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Cybersecurity Problems and Policy Solutions towards Web3: A Socio-Legal Criticism


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Container Ship

Finding Sustainable Avenues: The Belt and Road Initiative’s Role in the Pursuit of
International Sustainable Development - Opportunities and Risks

Wind Turbines

Investment Opportunities for Climate Change Technologies: A Landscape Study

'Beyond the Galapagos Syndrome': Mapping the Future of UK-Japan Economic Cooperation


UK Agricultural Policy Post-Brexit

Online Education

The Future of Online Education

Taking blood pressue

Tackling Intentional Misinformation in the Social Media Era

The War on Drugs


The Real and Perceived Risks of Genetically Modified Organisms - With a View on Post-Brexit Policy


Combatting Offshore Tax Evasion After Brexit

wto delete.jpg

Multilateralism in an Era of Trade Wars: Examining the Present and Future of the WTO

Reinforcing Financial Cybersecurity in the Eurozone

eurozone delete.jpg

Prediction Markets and Forecasting Techniques

forecasting pic.png

Measures to Address the Venezuelan Humanitarian Crisis


Political Party Financing in Mongolia: Strengthening a Democracy

The Right to Erasure: Evaluating the UK Approach to GDPR Article 17

Image by Annie Spratt

Reforming Assisted Dying in the UK

Image by Daria Shevtsova
Image by Cristian Newman

The Challenges and Opportunities of an Ageing Population


Reporting Corruption in UK Local Government

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Image by Nicole Wolf

Reform of the National Health Service


The Future of Common Pool Resource Management


Syria: Reforms for Peace and Stable Government

Image by _Mxsh_

Strengthening the University of Cambridge's Policy for Cases of Sexual Harrassment and Assault

Image by Gilles Lambert

Privacy and Politics in the Age of Technology

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house of lords.jpeg

Reforming the House of Lords: The Way Forward

Image by Perry Grone

Refugee Qualification Equivalence: Improving Integration Through Skills Recognition

Prison Reform in England and Wales

Image by Tom Blackout

Terrorism of the Islamic State: Social Media Strategies


Navigating AI through the 21st Century


Conflict and Food Insecurity

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